October 31, 2008

Pretty Picture Post

The following are random, but pretty, pictures I have been saving over the course of the week. 

Pottery Barn vases, monogramed and grouped with a few simple buds would look beautiful on an entry table or guest book table at the reception.
I am in love with this photo. The water, the clean, fresh & timeless appeal of the table. Now if only I could get my guest list down to 12... (image found on Ritzy Bee Blog)
This photo reminded me of D. If only the tractor was a John Deer... (image found on Ritzy Bee Blog)
I love the cake stand resting on top of the wrapped books (or wood blocks? I'm not sure). This is a great idea to showcase your cake and incorporate your wedding colors if you have an all white cake. (Image found on Snippet and Ink)
Great idea from Martha Stewart as a way to hang your wedding photos. I love how it has a clean, modern aesthetic to it.

Love her hair :) 
(image found on weddingbee)

Since the upload is working to order our save the dates, this is how my lunch hour was sent. Now it's back to work! Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

This week has been crazy! Sorry for being so MIA lately, I have had things going on every night lately and very little inspiration to share.
Halloween is tomorrow... Although I love the fall decorations Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I am dressing up tomorrow though, we are having a Halloween happy hour at work and they strongly suggest we all dress up. I will be going as an 80's rockstar complete with my wii guitar! Haha if I get any pictures I'll be sure to post them so you can all get a good chuckle.

In other news, I am currently trying to figure out a name for my etsy shop { I was thinking something using the letters k, d, p or the number 22 or even using my blog title somehow. But these are just a few options} I will be opening soon. I'm open to any suggestions and if I use your suggestion I will be sure to send along one of my featured products as a thank you!

***{Update: sorry, I completly forgot to mention what my shop will feature! Thank you aeo for pointing that out! :) I will have all kinds of sewing creations including, but not limited to, custom coffee cozies, Christmas stockings, belts and bags.}

Sorry this is so short. I'll be back this weekend with some beautiful inspiration photos I've been collecting this past week.

I'm off to practice! Happy Halloween!

October 19, 2008

It feels like fall

Today was the first day it truly felt like fall out here in S.F., and not just fall but midwest/ east coast fall. It was amazing :) I started off my day by getting a cappuccino at The Butler & The Chef the heading to SFMOMA to view the current exhibits. Then i headed over to the Jewish Contemporary Museum to take a look at the building (very cool architecture) and the Andy Warhol ' 10 Jews' exhibit. Andy Warhol is my absolute favorite artist and it was great to get to see so many of his works in one place. After the museum I headed to Union Square to see where this little dress boutique I am hoping to visit was located. It is closed on Sunday's but at least now I know where to go if the dress I am looking at isn't outrageously expensive (which I am sure it will be, I've always had a knack for picking out the most expensive item wherever i was..... just ask my mom, she can attest to this!)

I would post a picture of the dress I am in love with but D reads this so I guess it will have to be a surprise for everyone!

Today I am working on finishing up our Save the Dates so we can send them to get printed and get them sent out to everyone in the next week or two. About time, I know...

This is my favorite image from google reader this week. It was taken by Meg Perotti
Love it, love it, love it. I don't want it to rain on my wedding day but if it does I would love to put on some rain boots, especially if the were as adorable as these.

Hopefully everyone has a great weekend!

October 15, 2008

Blog ttake Action Day

While browsing through my google reader this morning I cam across a post about Blog take Action Day over on *In this instance*. The topic for today was poverty and it struck something inside of me. Poverty is such a huge and world wide issue right now. There are so many little things that each and every one of us can do about it that many people don't even realize. One of these things I am extremely interested in is our Global food market and how what we eat effects not only ourselves and out community but the world as well. I am currently reading a book called, Stuffed and starved by Raj Patel. He explains how each choice we make about food has a huge impact world wide because of the world food market and because of this market a lot of our decisions concerning food really aren't made by us but are made for us. I highly encourage each of you to pick it up and just take a glance through the first chapter at least. I know it will open your eyes & compell you to atleast read more, if not also make a few changes in your everyday life.

October 13, 2008

Where has everyone gone??? only one comment.... makes me sad.

October 9, 2008

posting... on a Thursday?! yep!

I know, crazy right? D is working tonight so I have all of this time to myself. I'm currently watching survivor (does anyone else think it the best reality show ever? I want to be on it soooo bad) and after I plan on making D a new pillow case! Have I mentioned that I love my new sewing machine! I have found my creative hobby thats for sure!

As for the wedding, I will be heading to Holland Nov. 20th to get a few things done and see my family. Unfortunately they can't make it out here for Christmas (I'm completely bummed)  so I decided I minds well head back for the weekend and hit two birds with one stone. D and I will need to decide on flowers, music & have a meeting at the reception location. I also plan on getting fitted that weekend and hopefully (crossing my fingers) will find a dress! 

Now for some pretty veil photos compliments of the knot.com!

I'm not sure what type of veil I want to wear or if I even want to wear one. I am really like the birdcage veil but I also like the more traditional veil worn below the up-do and shoulder to elbow length. 

Happy Thursday!

October 4, 2008

save the dates!

so the past couple of weeks D & I have been working on our save the dates and invitations. I don't know why they have taken us so long (it's been approximately a month since I had initially wanted to get them out, opps.). I think in part, it is because they just never feel "done" to me. There is still something off about them right now and I just can't figure out what it is. My goal is to finish them today and send them off to be printed. That way we can get them back, address them and send them on their way. 

It is driving me crazy that I don't know what to do to put that finishing touch on them and be completely happy with them. The front is perfect and I am beyond happy about it but the back still doesn't feel right.  I have a feeling the reason I am not happy with the back is because it corresponds with the invitations we have pretty much decided on. You see, the thing is that I'm not all that sure I even like the invitations. It feels like I am settling...

The reason we decided on the invitations we did is primarily the price.... I had (and still do) wanted to do letterpress. I know how ridiculously expensive letterpress can be and I just couldn't succumb to paying so much money for something that most people will look at a few times and then throw away. I had initially played with the idea of doing them myself. A friend at work did all of her invites herself and they turned out beautiful.Luckily there is a studio right down the road from me that you can take classes at and then reserve studio time to make them. The downside, even doing it that way (aka the "cheap" way) was still going to cost me $450.00 for the classes plus the materials to make them. The invitation we are looking at will be done for us (found her on etsy.) for approx. $300.00 for 100 invites. 

Do you see my dilemma??

So, on to what I always do in these situations, the good-ol pro/con list

Pro's: Great skill to have & can be used in the future(X-Mas cards, birthdays, etc.), look professional, can be completely personal to D & I
Con's: Time consuming, will cost about twice as much as the Etsy invites.

Etsy invites:
Pro's: cheap, I don't have to do them, not much thought required, D likes them ( I think it's more because of the cost though than anything)
Con's: un-creative (in my mind), not as personal/ special as the letterpress ones

So I guess my battle is between the cost & sentimental aspects of them..... Do I spend a little more money on them and be happier with the results or save the money (cough, saving for a house payment, cough) and just say whatever they look alright.

did anyone else have a hard time deciding on what they wanted for their invitations? Am I just being controlling, wanting everything perfect? Do guests actually care what the invites look like?

I have a feeling the cost will win in the end but any suggestions/ opinions would be much appreciated!

Next up, band vs. d.j. ??