October 15, 2008

Blog ttake Action Day

While browsing through my google reader this morning I cam across a post about Blog take Action Day over on *In this instance*. The topic for today was poverty and it struck something inside of me. Poverty is such a huge and world wide issue right now. There are so many little things that each and every one of us can do about it that many people don't even realize. One of these things I am extremely interested in is our Global food market and how what we eat effects not only ourselves and out community but the world as well. I am currently reading a book called, Stuffed and starved by Raj Patel. He explains how each choice we make about food has a huge impact world wide because of the world food market and because of this market a lot of our decisions concerning food really aren't made by us but are made for us. I highly encourage each of you to pick it up and just take a glance through the first chapter at least. I know it will open your eyes & compell you to atleast read more, if not also make a few changes in your everyday life.

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