April 23, 2009


Everyone knows how much I love J.Crew. Seasons are typically a hit or a miss an this season it is a definite HIT.

Seriously, I will gladly accept J.Crew gift cards for wedding gifts. I mean we really don't have room for many kitchen gadgets or furniture but I can easily replace the wardrobe in my closet! (no joke... the majority of my clothes now have holes in them. I have sewn up three holes in my jeans so I can keep on wearing them.....)

I will also gladly tag along on any shopping sprees......

What a week

The Ugly:

Till Midnight, our reception location, closed. We found out on Saturday, two days before they closed their doors

We only have two more weeks of classes. EKKK. I have about four weeks of work to fit into the next two weeks. (wish me luck)

The Good:

We are now booked at Boatwerks Restaurant for our reception. I am actually happier so far with this turn of events. The statement," God doesn't close a door without opening a window somewhere else" couldn't ring more true.

We only have two more weeks of classes! ( haha this is good AND bad!)

We started looking at honeymoon location possibilities. :)
I got a napkin made and will be shipping off my fabric tomorrow. A wonderful women at West Ottawa (The home ec/ interior design teacher) offered to make them all for me. Such a relief!

Daniel cut out all of our envelope liners today AND glued them to the envelopes! I love him :)

Now I just need to create that list of things to order so we can start ordering things!

I need to get my dress sized! and find a veil! and find shoes for the girls! and get Daniel's outfit squared away.

It seems like the list never ends... Unfortunately it will have to wait two weeks until I have a few spare moments to breath.

Have a good end of April/ Beginning of May!

April 15, 2009

I have been in a rut lately. A creative rut... I think a room filled with balloons would do the trick to snap me out of it. :)

I found a few images of our cookie bar idea! Seriously, the idea has been whispered around the blog world more recently but with all the talk of candy bars no one seems to notice.

This was the first idea Dan and I had in the planning process. (after the no shoes, beach front soiree with s'mores, that is). I haven't mentioned it much before because I didn't want anyone taking my idea (and still dont!). I get that whole secrecy from undergrad (it sucks). Anytime I would present an idea that I was crazy excited about it would get taken by just about everyone and appear on every single design board the next week. Boo. So yea, I don't share ideas as much as I should. But anywho here is a big one: (we already have a few of the glass jars purchased but seeing this makes me wonder if I should find a few smaller ones...)

My plan:
Cookies from our childhoods.
And Milk! (seriously, who doesn't love milk and cookies!)
*Whoopie pies
* Molasses
*Peanut butter
*Chocolate chip

*Horizon organic chocolate milk (the best choc. milk ever + chocolate milk is a little inside thing for Dan and I which makes it that much better)
* skim regular
*vanilla soy (yummy as well!)

April 3, 2009

image inspiration

Just some of the pictures I have been saving lately.
Love the hand painted wooden sign. I want one of these at the end of the driveway. (Dad? :) )
The following images are from a wedding of an employee of Purl Soho (a fabric store in NY). I am already creating our fabric for our cake table at the reception and refreshment table at the ceremony.
Each table has a different pattern napkin in the weddings colors of orange and green. This fabric corresponded to the seating card for each guest.

Up close shot of the napkins. also, notice the glass magnet with the initial. These were used to distinguish what food the guest had requested. We have been asked to do this by Till Midnight as well and I plan on making these as well. I am going to use three different background colors (green, navy, and a polka dot) that will correspond to the guests food choice.
These are the seating cards that were made to correspond to the napkin at the guests table. I am going to do something with this idea in mind.
As most know, I love ribbon. I would love to have navy, white, and green grosgrain ribbon hanging from the tree next to where all of us will stand during the ceremony.
Flip flops were offered at the reception for guests. As much as I love the idea I feel it is a tad bit overdone.
Babys breath in galvanized (not black, as pictures here) tubs could flank Dan and I. We aren't going to have any sort of arch so this would help delineate where we stand.
I love the flower petals pre-lining the edge of the isle way. I think it would help create an isle way considering we aren't going to be using a runner.

Luminaries lighting up the path. I think these would be really pretty both lining the driveway to the ceremony as well as the sidewalk leading into the reception. They were made using white lunch bags and a decorative paper punch for along the top.

Bathroom bins from the MacBeth collection. I love these small tins, we don't have much counter space in the restrooms so this size would be perfect.
And finally our invites. This is the back of the invite (notice the Eames stamps? Love them!)

And here is the front! The picture was taken at the Grand (old theatre) in Grand haven right across from where Dan and I met at Porto bellos!