April 15, 2009

I have been in a rut lately. A creative rut... I think a room filled with balloons would do the trick to snap me out of it. :)

I found a few images of our cookie bar idea! Seriously, the idea has been whispered around the blog world more recently but with all the talk of candy bars no one seems to notice.

This was the first idea Dan and I had in the planning process. (after the no shoes, beach front soiree with s'mores, that is). I haven't mentioned it much before because I didn't want anyone taking my idea (and still dont!). I get that whole secrecy from undergrad (it sucks). Anytime I would present an idea that I was crazy excited about it would get taken by just about everyone and appear on every single design board the next week. Boo. So yea, I don't share ideas as much as I should. But anywho here is a big one: (we already have a few of the glass jars purchased but seeing this makes me wonder if I should find a few smaller ones...)

My plan:
Cookies from our childhoods.
And Milk! (seriously, who doesn't love milk and cookies!)
*Whoopie pies
* Molasses
*Peanut butter
*Chocolate chip

*Horizon organic chocolate milk (the best choc. milk ever + chocolate milk is a little inside thing for Dan and I which makes it that much better)
* skim regular
*vanilla soy (yummy as well!)

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