July 27, 2008

I have been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair. It is currently a little below my shoulder blades which is the longest it has ever been. I have been going back and forth on whether to go for it or not for a few reasons. The first; I LOVE these hairstyles and I am pretty sure I want something like this done for the wedding.

However, I love my hair mid length, right above my shoulders. It takes less time to dry in the morning, doesn't get as tangled, and is so much lighter and easier to style.  I am loving Reese's latest cut:

Do you see the confliction??

Here are some more pretty images I have found over the past week;

I love the ribbon detail on the flowers.

Clutch from j.Crew

Wouldn't this be the best dress to head off to your honeymoon in?

I love this menu.

I am still trying to figure out how to do the back of our save the dates. I want them to correspond with our invitation, menus, escort cards, programs, etc. but I have no clue what I want for any of those yet so it is hard to decide on something for the save the dates. 

Any suggestions for preppy/(and/or) nautical/(and/or) simple/(and/or) slightly modern, invitations/ programs/etc?  I am trying to stay away from the star fish and shells simply because i see them way too much. I'm thinking either a nantucket whale image, anchor, something to do with "tying the knot", or even just colors and layouts that give the preppy/nautical/ classic feel. 

July 20, 2008

Inspirational Images

Just a few images i saved from the past week. Enjoy!

I love the centerpieces for the table

Izze's; love them :)

Change this to a navy ribbon and we are all set.

I am loving the green stripe fabric.

and obviously, lobsters :)

(I found most of these images from the knot.com but if I used an image of yours and you would like me to link it to you please let me know.)

Now on to my july wish list:

(Pottery Barn)

(Pottery barn)

(William Sonoma)

I picked out the image we are going to use for our save the dates and now all I have left to do is design the layout for the information. Right now is one of those times when I wished I still have photoshop on my computer. I will most likely end up staying a little late at work this week so I can get them done. Once that is complete I need to find somewhere to print them and find the money to pay for the printing... These are the stamps we are going to use; if anyone feel the impulse to mail us a few sheets of these babies they wouldn't be turned away :) 

July 18, 2008

found on  flickr

How gorgeous is this? I love the centerpiece detail and the lining of the envelope.

July 11, 2008

Weekend Inspiration

do you ever have that sudden burst of inspiration? Inspiration so strong it makes you want to stop everything and create it? Barely containing yourself inspiration? 

I just experienced that.

it is nice to finally be able to put work aside for the weekend and get back into wedding planning mode :)

Another great thing to come out of this "burst of creative inspiration", is the realization that I truly may be the first person to have this view or image in my head of what I want. i searched every site imaginable with every type of phrasing and nothing. :) I know everything has been done before but I really believe what I have in mind hasn't been put together in the overall concept i have envisioned for it. Yay :)

On a totally different note, I am falling for candy stores. not your typical candy stores but "penny candy-meets-small town-european charm" candy stores. Candy stores filled with hard to find treats, pastel colors, and beautiful displays. San francisco is filling up quickly with them and I couldn't be happier. Thank goodness for all the hills!

Check these out, prepare to drool.

(I love their packaging & logo)

Have a relaxing weekend! I am off to enjoy mine(and possibly go get some candy)

July 9, 2008

I promise I will try and get better about posting... 

Another crazy bus story! 
* While at a stop today a bunch of people were getting off and there was a line of about 6 people waiting to get on. You are only allowed to enter the bus in the front but you can exit from the front or the back.  This crazy guy decided he was above the rules today and decided to skip the line and enter from the back. The bus driver noticed, headed to the back, and told him to get off and go wait in like the rest of us. Instead, he cut al the way up the middle of the bus, got off and started yelling at the bus driver about how he didn't need him up in his s**t calling him every swear word in the book. As the guy approached to enter the correct way and pay the bus driver started to close the doors so he wouldn't be allowed to come on. This completely pissed the guy off! He started going on a rampage of vulgar language and harassing the bus driver. After the guy had made his way to the back of the bus and the driver called the cops to get him removed. Even knowing the cops were coming he still wouldn't get off the bus! (idiot). The cops came, got him off the bus and continued to give him a hard time outside. This included not only questions (in between the guy yelling at the cops...) and walking the line! too funny, apparently he was either wasted or high... I'm guessing both...

Work has been going well. We recently got a new project that needs a little schematic design so we (my team & I) are currently working on that and hoping to come up with an overall concept for the project and design.

We also finally got our apartment put together. We were able to go pick up our rug from Pottery Barn on monday and all of our bedding came about 3 days before that. It is definitely a small space but we aren't in it enough for it to matter.  That is what I love most about the city, there is always something to do, someplace to walk to, things to discover, local festivals, farmers markets, etc.  and if none of that is available we can always go sit and relax by the water or work out! I love it :)
 our new rug :)

I really need to start getting back on the wedding kick again, I know I still have a year but I do not want to put it all off until 3-6 months before; I would go crazy! A few people at my firm are getting married/recently married so there has definitely been a lot of talk about it. One thing a co-worker brought up was the videographer. Are any of you having a videographer? I wasn't planning on it but after seeing a few clips from his videographer I have to admit I am interested. I will definitely take a look at pricing and styles available in West Michigan but I'm still not %100 sure. Give me some feedback if any of you have had experience with one/plan on using one/ or have used one for your wedding.

Have a great rest of the week! We are over the hump!

July 2, 2008

Sorry about the disappearing act! Things are going well in San Fran; the apartment is almost completely set up which is definitely nice! I have also officially started work and am almost done with my first week! It has definitely been an interesting experience with the bus though! I enjoy not driving and knowing that I am saving money and the environment but boy do you see some characters though!

I will leave you today with a few inspiring words I heard on the bus ride to work today!

"A smoking section in a restaurant is a lot like having a peeing section in a pool" -random guy on the bus

Think about it...