July 11, 2008

Weekend Inspiration

do you ever have that sudden burst of inspiration? Inspiration so strong it makes you want to stop everything and create it? Barely containing yourself inspiration? 

I just experienced that.

it is nice to finally be able to put work aside for the weekend and get back into wedding planning mode :)

Another great thing to come out of this "burst of creative inspiration", is the realization that I truly may be the first person to have this view or image in my head of what I want. i searched every site imaginable with every type of phrasing and nothing. :) I know everything has been done before but I really believe what I have in mind hasn't been put together in the overall concept i have envisioned for it. Yay :)

On a totally different note, I am falling for candy stores. not your typical candy stores but "penny candy-meets-small town-european charm" candy stores. Candy stores filled with hard to find treats, pastel colors, and beautiful displays. San francisco is filling up quickly with them and I couldn't be happier. Thank goodness for all the hills!

Check these out, prepare to drool.

(I love their packaging & logo)

Have a relaxing weekend! I am off to enjoy mine(and possibly go get some candy)

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