March 31, 2009

Dress for sale!

Tell your friends!
I am selling a beautiful ivory Watters gown. I am asking $900.00 OBO. This dress retailed for over $2,000.00. The gown was purchased at a sample sale and has not been worn.

March 26, 2009


Going home always makes me think about Mars Hill, the church I went to during the later part of high school and when I was home from college. I loved it. The pastor created these short films dealing with all kinds of issues. The films brought the issues down to a more human/ relatable scale. All of the films are available for purchase on the website or you can access them through the marshill website.

Here is a passage for one;


"There’s a popular bumper sticker that reads “God Bless America,” but hasn’t America already been blessed? It’s easy for us to fall into a mindset of viewing “our” world as “the” world, because it’s all we generally see. We’re constantly bombarded with images of the latest styles and models of everything, and it can easily leave us feeling like what we have isn’t enough because we see people that have even more than us. But how does what we have compare to what most people in the world have? Maybe what we have is enough; maybe it’s more than enough. Maybe God has blessed us with everything we have so we can bless and give to others."

Interesting fact; Experts say that in order to provide water, basic health, and nutrition for everyone in the world that the estimate would be around 20 million dollars. That is the same amount Americans spend on ice cream every year.

Thought provoking, isn't it?

March 24, 2009

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

Dan and I are just about to head to the airport. Our flight leaves around 5am but the last Bart leaves at one (and doesn't start up again until 4:30) so we will be sleeping there. I am grateful to see family but disappointed about the circumstances.

Dan heads out to Louisiana Thursday. It will be a long weekend without him but I am glad he gets to go and see his family.

I am so grateful to all of you who have kept my family and I in your prayers.

katie ( & Daniel)

March 23, 2009

I am exhausted. This has been one of the longest days of my life so far. Prayers gladly accepted & appreciated, for me and my family.


March 18, 2009

4 months!

4 months from today, at this time, I will be MARRIED to my best friend and love of my life :) I can't wait.


Now to finish everything up! The list is long....

March 17, 2009

Things I have gotten down so far over break

- Nothing.........

ok, so i sleep a little (ok, a lot) oh and I did make it over to the fabric store today! That was a nice little change. Tomorrow I am going to start on all of my homework and hopefully get some sewing done!

Oh, I did make puppy chow and brownies. (aka now I REALLY need to go work out!)

March 10, 2009

Spring break

A list of things I would like to be able to do over spring break:
- work out
- tan(or atleast lay by the pool)
- read my book for class
- read a book not related to class
- sew the ring pillow and gifts for the three little ones in the wedding
- get daniels outfit bought
- find myself or make myself a veil
- register!
- create a list of everything we still need to order for the wedding
- list my dress on craigslist and once wed
- find a day of coordinator who won't make us go broke

I really don't think a week is enough time.
On another note, I would totally forget all of this if I could travel someplace warm.(boo for Daniel leaving a day before I could leave, I just may come down be myself!)

Miss you all! I promise I will return the phone calls and emails as soon as this week is over :)

March 3, 2009

Ugh... My stomach aches are becoming more frequent again. I know exactly what is causing them too; stress, too much coffee, and a lack of exercise. I want to fix all of that so badly but unfortunately my type a personality won't let me not stress, I need something to keep me going during these 12 hour daily stints in the studio, and I just stress out more about trying to figure out a time to exersice. I'm going to give myself an ulcer.

My second studio project is wrapping up. It is due next tuesday, ekk. I have a paper on a book we have been reading due this Thursday. I have a project for my other design class due next Thursday and a test in architectural history this Friday and we are getting assigned another book next week. This one has to be read and written about in a week.
This is definitly a program where you have to love architecture and really want to succeed. Good thing I can put a check next to both of those things.

Some of you have been asking what I want to do with architecture when I am done with the program. The answer;
I want to develop modular, affordable (and high end versions) housing units focusing on great space planning and materiality. ( this means shipping containers as structures, small space living with all the luxuries.).
I want to blend my love of color, pattern, and texture with the structural side. I love interior design (not decorating.) but I have wanted to do architecture since 7th grade. It was in my first shop class and we had to draft up a plan for a small portable tic-tac-toe game that we would then have to make. I loved the process of it, it was calming and I was good at it haha

A few random facts about me in relation to architecture:
- I hated playing with dolls and barbies. If friends wanted to play barbies or dolls when I was little I would create the house or redo their dollhouse.
- because of the comment above, I played with legos and got blocks as gifts.
- when I played legos the one thing I built frequently was hotels
- I don't remember this but it has been told to me that when I was little I was playing with my duplox blocks and my parents asked me what I was making and I relied "big buildings"
-I initially looked at architecture for my undergrad degree but changed to interior design when I was told it would be impossible to swim division 1 and do architecture. I now understand that what they told me was completely true
- I took an interior design and product design class in high school. I loved them both but loved the interior architecture side of design the most, this directed my decision towards interior architecture after hearing the above comment.
- I have wanted to design restaurants since high school. I worked in quite a few part time throughout high school and college and loved understanding how they worked and what could have been designed better.

Well I'm off to finish these cad drawings for tomorrow and start on that paper!

I hope you found my random facts interesting :)