December 31, 2008

Goodbye '08

(image credit: getty images)
2008 has been a crazy year and even though I am sad to see it go, I am looking forward for 2009!

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve! We are off to Berkeley for a dinner party with 5 other couples and the heading back into the city to watch the fireworks over the bay! 

December 30, 2008

Wine bag

This is the latest project I made, a wine bag! We have to bring three bottles of wine to a New Years Party tomorrow night so I figured we should probably have something nice to carry them in.

December 27, 2008


I apologize again for how horrible I have been these last few months at uploading pictures. Here are the a few things from recent.

My 23rd Birthday!

I think this is the only picture we actually got of me on my birthday this year! Wearing my birthday princess crown and button (it's behind the whale) and showing off my Jonathan Adler whale Pitcher that I got from the Perkins. ( Sorry for the crazy eyes! It was late and I was hoped up on cupcakes)
This was D's gift to me. My own sewing area! 
The new spot for my fabrics (I love it)

And again.

I also got the flowers I already posted about from my dad, a very nice gift card from my mom which is going towards more fabric :) and Gilmore girls s.7 and A christmas story dvd's from my Brother. 

It was definitely a great birthday!

Christmas 2008
We desperately wanted a tree this year. Despite the 450 sq. feet of our place we seemed to manage pretty well :) (Sorry for the eye sore antenna. Being young, broke, and beautiful means we save money any way possible= no paying for t.v. when you can get everything you need free ( or through the apple t.v./ internet!)

Our first gingerbread house! We think it turned out pretty well. The back side actually collapsed about 20 minutes after we finished it and after turning and buckling a bit it seemed to finally find a good resting point. (It is still standing 4 days later!)

I dont have pictures of everything but here is the bread maker I got D. I also got him a new game for Wii, the kitchen aid pasta attachment, a few things from L.L. Bean and a few others.

Here are the pearls D got me! I love them. He also got me a new jacket, cashmere socks (soo comfy), a new umbrella (we need one with all this rain and wind!), new slippers and hiking socks from L.L. Bean and a new flour sifter (which is where he hid the earring, so sneaky!)

We also got some great stuff from both of our parents!  Thank you for everything!

A few Sewing projects I have been working on

A reversible purse from an Amy Butler pattern. The handles were a bear to make so I improvised and made my own.

The reverse side of the purse

A wine bottle bag. This is just a prototype, I still need to make the 3 bottle one we will be taking with us to Berkeley on NYE.

I will be back soon with our save the dates! (they are on D's camera currently)

December 26, 2008

Holly, jolly

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas yesterday! D and I had a great day filled with virtual family, gifts, good food, board games, and movies :)

You may have noticed the term "virtual family". Being on the West Coast this year and planning a wedding has made flying home very difficult. We decided instead to use our Mac's and ichat's to open presents and see family via the internet this Christmas. Although it wasn't the same as getting to be there, it was still just as special to be able to see everyone and talk to everyone over the Holiday.

I am heading out to pick up Amy Butler's "In Stiches" book and then to J.Crew to return a headband and check out their final sale. after that I will be back with a few pictures of Christmas gift, pictures of our save the dates, some of the presents we gave this year and a few sewing projects I have been working on.

Best wishes,

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all enjoy the holiday and remember the true reason for the season :)

December 24, 2008

A wedding board for us!

April, of Blu Sky Designs did a custom inspiration board for us! She is guest blogging this week over at Pearls Events so go check out a few of her other boards as well! She hit the colors  just right and it looks great! We won't be having any starfish but I love the grosgrain ribbon on the invite and the chartreuse programs. 

If you would like to know the sources for any of the items above, check out Pearls Events Blog!

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas Eve!

December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

(photo credit: only the best thing since Audrey and Jackie... Kate Spade)
I know I am still behind with the picture post. Once i get caught up with Christmas presents I will be sure to post them. 

Big news: I got into grad school! Now I am updating my portfolio, writing my admission paper, and trying to get some financial aid! Wish me luck!

I'm off to spend the day celebrating. Enjoy the end of your week!

Here are the flowers I got from my dad today :) 

I also got my stool for my sewing area from D, Gilmore Girls season 7 and The Christmas story from my brother, an amazing and much needed gift card from my mom (which I think will be going towards more fabric and sewing supplies!). Unfortunately UPS, Fedex, and USPS are all really slow right now so my package that was supposed to be here on Tuesday from D's parents didn't get here. Atleast I will get to celebrate for one more day though!

Ok, I'm off to finish my champagne :) 

December 12, 2008

13 more days till Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far! D and I went and got a Christmas tree yesterday so it is starting to feel more festive in here! We only have lights on it so far, all of our ornaments are in storage back in Michigan because we don't have any place to store them out here. We are going to instead make gingerbread and dough ornaments this weekend! Once it is a little more dolled up, I will take some photos and post them.

It has been a busy week so far! I have been working a little and the rest of my time has been spend sewing gifts! (and I still have a lot to do!) 

D got me my birthday present a little early and once I have pictures of it clean I post those as well!  He got me a desk and a few other things and made me my own little sewing station! I love it and have already been to work making it a mess!

Tonight I am off to pull a "Lilly and Robin" original. (for those of you who follow HIMYM as religiously as D and I do). I am going to camp out at a bridal salon in hopes of getting a dress. All dresses are designer dresses(VW, ML, etc.) and are going for 499, 999, or 1499! I hope I can find one!!

Also, our save the dates have been received so I will have pictures of those to post shortly! Get ready for one huge picture post this weekend.

December 6, 2008

First off, Thank You to "Lindsay & Jordan" for helping me out with the dress designer from the last post! Also, may I be invited to read your blog? :)

Second, I finally have a few pictures of what I have been up to the last few days! Here are a few new items I have added to my shop. Check it out @ or just click on the link to the right ->
 One Tree Onesie & Patchwork burp cloth Patchwork Burp Cloth
Lobster Onesie
 Patchwork Burpcloth (Sold!)
 Whale of a Tail Onesie & Less than 2 Onesie (one sold, one left!)

All Onesies are Gerber 100% Cotton, size 18mo. Other sizes available upon request.

I will post images of our save the dates towards the end of next week. I want to make sure everyone gets them before I spoil the surprise and post them on here! I really hope everyone likes them. D & I are pretty proud of what we created and how they turned out. 

Well I am off to do some more sewing and wedding planning. Wish me luck!

December 5, 2008

Ok I need your help. Style Me Pretty posted this beautiful wedding today and I am in love with the dress! Does anyone know who designed it? (All photos via Style Me Pretty and taken by Mary Claire)

It has the small detail of ruffles, the sweetheart neckline, a fairly small train, buttons down the back and a small bit of rouching(sp)at the the waist and neckline. It literally is everything I have wanted and combined both aspects of the two dresses I found back home. Now if only the price is right!
It has been a busy week! We mailed our save the dates out yesterday and I am so excited for people to start getting them! I have to make one more trip to the post office today to send out the last 6 or so that we were waiting on addresses for. I also was able to send out my cookies for the Holiday Cookie Swap! I forgot the recipe in the package so if any of you girls want it just let me know and I will send it along! I also was able to send out the bag I made for my mom! I used Amy Butler's Birdie Sling pattern and it was super easy! My mom picked out the fabric and materials while I was home so at least I know she will like that part. I can only hope she likes the design of the bag as much as I did! I have pictures of everything that I will post soon! 

This week I have also been very busy making up some new items to add to my etsy shop! I can't wait to unveil them tomorrow! Check back then!

Wedding planning is officially in full swing. It is crazy, it has been almost a year since we got engaged in NYC and I haven't really felt the pressure to get things done until now! Thankfully we already have the ceremony and reception sites booked, the caterer, florist, and photographer picked and the cake/ baker paid. It feels good to have the biggest tickets out of the way but it is stressful thinking about all of the little details we still need to get done.

-Invitations (design, print, send)
-Ceremony & reception  decorations
-Finalize our band/ d.j. selection (most likely a band, I'm trying to not have a d.j. if at all possible)
-Find a dress!!!!! yep, still haven't done that yet.  I found two while I was home and I'm just not sold on either one. So the search continues.
-Order D's pants/ suit jacket/shoes/ etc.
-Out of town bags
-Hotel block
- Table runners (find fabric, sew)
- Table numbers(order)
-Escort cards
-Programs/ menus
-Finalize transportation to the reception for the wedding party
-Finalize our getaway transportation ( for D & I)
-etc. etc. etc.

Well I'm off to put in a few hours of work. Ill be back later with pictures of everything I have been up to!