February 27, 2009

Rip swarley... He only made it two days but they were quite fun.

Bryan got here safe and we have already been walking him hard. Today he is off doing a San francisco film tour while I am at class. Afterwards all of us are going to head to china town and then to north beach/little Italy.

I wish I could go somewhere for spring break but dan and my spring break are different weeks. Boo.

Off to get as much work done as possible in the next 6 hours.

February 24, 2009

just an update.

I have started to replace sleep with caffine. Not good.

We got new fish! And a frog, named swarley. He is sweet and provides great distraction. We also got four bloodfin tetra's, four zebra tetras, and bottom feeder who has some darker stripes, and two little red guys. Dan thinks if we have a lot of them, I can't get attached to only one. I think he fears another "Moe" episode. what he doesn't remember is that Moe started out with a group of fish and then killed them all.... yep, this was the fish I cried over when he died. He was cool though, really.

I presented our project for my studio class today. It was the preliminary presentation but I'm pretty sure my nerves thought it was the final. We ended up rocking it out and did an amazing job. We even got pulled aside by the director of the Masters of Architecture program at the end to tell us how good our presentation was. You can't even understand how amazing that is. That guy is tough (but in a good way).

I got my dress from j.crew today. I love it! It has pockets! It also has buttons down the back (real ones, not those fake crap ones.) and a very pretty neckline :) I am posting my other one up for sale tomorrow. If anyone needs/ wants a designer dress for cheap, let me know!

Well I have to now go and work on my 651 project (the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco by Renzo Piano) and download autocad and fusion for my computer(so I can get work done at home this weekend)

My brother flys out here Thursday for his spring break/ birthday! I am excited to have someone come visit us and I can't wait to show him the city and be a tourist. We are going on a movie tour on Friday, Alcatraz on Saturday and the Cal Academy of Science on Sunday. It should be an action packed weekend but I can't wait.

Have a great weekend & happy fat Tuesday!

February 21, 2009

the downfall.

Today I witnessed a sight that truly disgusted me. A mother, her two children (approximately 6yrs old, both of them) and their grandmother got the light rail. I got up so the two little kids could sit down. The mom was trying to get situated and find a spot to put her gigantic two person stroller and the grandmother was just, chilling. (no really, you couldn't describe it any other way.) The little boy started to run down the aisle of the light rail and then turned around to run back. Just as he did this the light rail started moving again. The force pulled the boy and made him crash into his sister. His sister in turn crashed her head on the arm rest from impact and immediately started screaming and crying. The mother went over to comfort the little girl (and scold the boy). As this was happening the huge stroller started rolling forward towards the chilling grandmother. The guy across the aisle grabbed it to stop it so it wouldn't hit the grandmother. One would think (as I did) that this was really nice. Not the grandmother. She started screaming at the guy telling him that she had it and that when he stopped it it almost "sliced her finger off". Remember, this is the same women who, as all of the madness with her daughter and grand children was unfolding, just chilled. She continued to yell at the guy for what seemed like 5 minutes. He tried to explain to her that he had been trying to help and hadn't waned it to hit her but she wanted nothing to do with his explanation.

I could not believe it. No wonder the good Samaritan act has been overturned. It saddened me to realize (and view first hand) what the world has come to. I looked at the women and told her she needed to relax and chill out and then got off the train. (while mumbling and thinking to myself how horrible people can be).

Well I am off to the studio once again to work. I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather out here (or the new snow, in michigan).

February 15, 2009

I am trying to keep up with this as best I can but you will all have to bear with me during classes.

I tried going over to the Cal academy of sciences today to do some sketching and research but by the time I got there (1 hour after opening, it didn't seem too late at the time) they were already at capacity and no longer selling day tickets of memberships! I am going to try again tomorrow morning..

Today i have to head into studio once again to finish up a section cut of the Centre Pompidou that is due Tuesday. My goal is to have it finished by 6pm tonight. After that i have to head to Folsom street to get some pictures of a building we are supposed to sketch by tuesday. It has been raining daily for the past week so I am just going to have to take pictures and sketch from those. No way am I standing on the street in a downpour trying to sketch! (that would surly add up to a horrible "are you on drugs?" looking sketch)

Last night (valentines day) was actually a great night :) I hate valentines day, i think it is a corporate created holiday to support nothing but monthly sales quotas. (but I won't get too much into that). I stayed at studio until about 9:45 and then heading over to meet Dan and work. He got out about 10:45pm and we decided to take a walk to find a pizza place we had heard a lot about. As a side note, pizza in San Francisco is a touchy subject with dan and I, since we have been here, almost 8 months now, we have yet to find a good pizza place! Everything out here has really fancy pizza. don't get me wrong, it is fairly good, but it isn't pizza. So we got to the place and each got 2 slices of pizza. It was sooooo good! I got a slice of standard cheese and a pesto veggi. Both were good but the cheese one. Dan loved his garlic clam. The right amount of sauce to cheese to crust ratio :) We walked back through little italy and stopped for desert at this little authentic italian bakery. We both got a cannoli and it was amazing! I have a feeling we will be back there again! It ended up being a completely Dan & Katie night. It was just refreshing to be able to have so much fun and be so relaxed and stress free (even for only an hour) with all of the ridiculously priced roses, balloons, and flowers surrounding us.

:) I hope everyone had a great "holiday" and was equally as happy no matter what you did

I'm off to studio, again!

February 12, 2009

Missing it

Just a few edible items I've been missing lately:

Strawberry ice cream with sprinkled from captain sundaes
A teddy bear with skim milk from biggbys
Whoopie pies
Chocolate covered gummy bears from the peanut store
Vanilla sugar from the seasoned home
Fruit custard salad
Lobster rolls and blueberry beer
Tomatoe and grilled cheese soup from 8th street grill
Pizza and calamari from portos
Dandillion greens
Tea from the tea gerschwender in Chicago


I ordered dress #2 today :) now to figure out which one to go with.

February 9, 2009

I'm back!

We are back in san Fran and quickly getting pushed into the swing of things again. I have to go do a bunch of sketches this morning before meeting with a partner for a project, the architecture open house, and then class from 6:30-9:30.

Holland was great, but very busy. Lots of running around trying to get everything done in the small amount of time. We were able to visit my grandparents a lot which was so nice. We also managed to finalize our cake flavors, food choices (mostly, we still have to figure out appetizers) and I got a make up trial which went really well. Friday night we met up with a bunch of friends for dinner and drinks. It was so great to see everyone again (I still can't believe it has been almost a year since I have seen most of them!).

This week should be another busy one! I am working on a project for my 2d design class and the building I am using is the California academy of science by Renzo Piano in Golden Gate Park. It is a great building and hopefully I will be able to get inside soon. My other big project for studio is a partner project and we are doing the Centre Georges Pompidou again by Renzo Piano. It is another interesting building that pushes the envelope. Take a look at them if you get a chance!

I hope everyone has a great week!