March 27, 2008

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Everything is finally starting to mount up and the pressure is definitely on. Exams are coming up way too quickly along with multiple projects & papers. On top of that D & I must also start to find a place to live next year in San Fran. I signed my contract this weekend and will be starting my first "real" job on June 30th. I am so excited but a bit out of my element and comfort zone. I did an internship in San Fran this past summer for two months, it was definitely an adjustment and a period of new experiences but moving out there to live is a whole different story. It is going to be a huge change and I just hope I am up for it. The job I got is amazing and I know it will help me out so much for the future but it will be difficult being away from family and friends for a while. Add to that planning the wedding, trying to save for a new car, and finding a replacement for my now dead laptop and I'm guessing you can see my stress level right now.

One the topic of wedding though we booked our engagement pictures! May 8th we will be heading to my hometown to take some pictures downtown and then heading to the town D & I met in to take some pictures downtown and also on the beach. I am so excited!

I will try to post more soon!

March 24, 2008


I love spring! I especially love all of the flowers.

Image from Toast and Tables

The rest of the images are from flikr

March 21, 2008

Pretty Little Things

This morning i went to get my one and only wisdom tooth out. I was in and out in 15minutes and it really was incredibly easy. I think hearing the horror stories from everyone else helped too. I didn't end up going under and I didn't accept the pain killer prescription. I'm not a huge fan of medications, especially not super strong ones like vicadin. Either way I'm surprised at how well I'm doing right now. :)

On to the pretty little things, specifically jewelry

1.) Katja Adams

2.) Uncommon Goods

3.) Victorialyn

4.) Sparkledarkko

March 19, 2008


So I should first start off by saying Good Luck to miss E over at Vineyard Vogue. She is heading down to Nashville this weekend to try out for Nashville Star! I have a feeling we will be seeing them soon as the next Nashville Star!

Ok so here is a little inspiration board I put together for possibly Bridesmaids dresses, shoes, etc. I am thinking navy blue for the dress color but who knows, it could change...again haha. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions?

March 17, 2008

Does anyone know approximately how much it costs to change a dress from zipper to buttons? I found the perfect dress today but it is missing the finishing touch that I love; the buttons down the back.

March 16, 2008

We're Back!

Thanks to all of you who left comments and suggestions!

Chicago was amazing as always, the first day we arrived it was 65 degrees! It was such a nice break from all of this cold, snowy yuck! We ended up visiting ANL on Friday morning while they were setting up for wedding. It was so amazing to see the site in real life as opposed to pictures. I am in love with all of the exposed brick and rawness of the space. Also during our visit we were able to attend the Chicago History Museums Bridal Show and Cupcakes. The bridal show was amazing but unfortunately we didn't have as good of an experience with Cupcakes. We were however able to make some good decisions based on both visits and now have a better idea of what we are looking for.

I'm going to stop this one a bit early but I'm sure I'll be back again tomorrow to finish where I left off. This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity and I am completely exhausted. Add to that the "wedding tension" between a few select people and I'm sure you all can empathize with my need to either go for a run or lay down.

March 11, 2008

Off we go!

I will apologize ahead of time for the lack of post the rest of this week and weekend. D & I are heading down to Chicago on Thursday to attend the Chicago History Museum's Bridal Show. They are featuring Blue Plate Catering who, if we decide to hold the wedding in Chicago, is the top runner for caterers. While down there I will be staying with a friend and I am soo excited to see her again!

The debate over location:

1.) We are heading to Cali this summer and will be planning a majority of the wedding from there so we needed to have it somewhere easily accessible to us.
2.) My parents really want it in my hometown, which I am in love with, but it doesn't offer us what we had pictured in a wedding
3.) We pretty much have it narrowed down to 2 (ok, as of yesterday it may have went up to 3) locations. Chicago, Traverse City, Bay Harbor
4.) I am fairly untraditional in a Bridal Sense. I want something unique & original and also something that is completely D & I.
5.) I do not want my ceremony in a church. Ever since I started dreaming about a wedding I have wanted my ceremony on the waterfront.

Here are the finalists for location:

Chicago: A New Leaf

This space has that Loft/ Urban feel that we love & it is located in Chicago which is my favorite city. It also satisfies my need as a hub (in terms of airports) which allows everyone easy access to the ceremony and reception(including the bride and groom) as well as an easy way to get to the Honeymoon. I love the exposed brick. Another plus is ten tables & chairs are included in the cost, the florist the owns it does amazing floral arrangements so we wouldn't have to worry about that and they can do a candle treatment which is beautiful (and less work for us!)

next:Traverse City: Crooked Creek Ranch

The ranch is beautiful, it is set in the middle of vineyards and right on the water. It has a large barn for the event space and enough space on the property to host the ceremony on the lawn or down by the water. Downside, it is twice as much as the Chicago location and you get both locations for the same amount of time. Like Chicago it would allow all of our guests to be able to come for the whole weekend and do outings, explore the town, and really spend time enjoying family and friends during this once in a lifetime experience for us. Another downside, its a little more country than we are. I know I could make it my own but if it starts out twice as more expensive will have the money to "make it our own"?

third: The Inn at Bay Harbor (up at Boyne Highlands Ski Resort)

My dad called me last night and told me about this place. I love the feel of it & it is right on the water which is awesome. I don't know any pricing yet but hopefully I will be getting that today or tomorrow. The cobblestone streets are pretty too. I haven't been able to do as much research on this one yet but the setting is pretty. The downside, it will be a lot harder to access for D & myself if we fly over here for a weekend of planning. It will also take place during peak travel season so Im sure the golf course on the waterfront will be in use meaning a lot of people we really don't want around will be "intruding" (not literally, but when you want an intimate affair it will seem like it).

So any thoughts??

March 9, 2008

Wedding Website!

So I finally got around to creating our wedding website. It isn't much yet but hopefully after this coming weekend I should be able to add more. I'll be updating it as information becomes available so bookmark it and check back often!

Here it is

March 7, 2008

So just a quick post,
Bad News: My laptop decided to kick the bucket last night right after I finished writing a paper for a class. Normally I would be overjoyed that I had finished it before it died but, I hadn't had a chance to submit it. So today I had to completely re-write it. :(

Good News: I found these flip flops on Vineyard Vines that I absolutely love! D & I loved the anchor/ tying the knot theme for the wedding and these sandals would be so much fun.

March 5, 2008

Make-A-Wish Foundation

D &I will be walking in the 2008 Grand Rapids Walk for Wishes. Please help us achieve our goal of raising $175.00 to help terminally ill children of Michigan. We are walking in honor of two of K's cousin’s children who were both granted a wish. I have seen first hand the dramatic effect these granted wishes can have on a Childs spirits and recovery. Thank you in advance to all of you who donate and help us achieve our goal!

Visit our website here to donate and support us

March 4, 2008

Wedding Jewelry

I lived in San Fran this past summer for a couple of months and while there I found some amazing & inexpensive jewelry at the Ferry Buildings Farmers Market. You have to check these girls out. All of their jewelry is hand-made in San Fran.

First: Tonaj

How amazing would this look for bridesmaids in a waterfront wedding! The best part, it is only $40.00!!

These earrings come in copper or gold wire and would fit in perfectly with the tying the knot theme! ($15.00!!!!)

Second: The Weekend Store

All of her bracelets can be custom made with any keys you want. What a great idea for the DIY wedding. You could also use them for bridesmaids and give them each their name of initials. ($56.00 & free shipping)

($36.00 & free shipping)