March 27, 2008

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Everything is finally starting to mount up and the pressure is definitely on. Exams are coming up way too quickly along with multiple projects & papers. On top of that D & I must also start to find a place to live next year in San Fran. I signed my contract this weekend and will be starting my first "real" job on June 30th. I am so excited but a bit out of my element and comfort zone. I did an internship in San Fran this past summer for two months, it was definitely an adjustment and a period of new experiences but moving out there to live is a whole different story. It is going to be a huge change and I just hope I am up for it. The job I got is amazing and I know it will help me out so much for the future but it will be difficult being away from family and friends for a while. Add to that planning the wedding, trying to save for a new car, and finding a replacement for my now dead laptop and I'm guessing you can see my stress level right now.

One the topic of wedding though we booked our engagement pictures! May 8th we will be heading to my hometown to take some pictures downtown and then heading to the town D & I met in to take some pictures downtown and also on the beach. I am so excited!

I will try to post more soon!

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A Windy City Wedding said...

That is so exciting! San Fran, I am jealous, good luck with everything and it will all work out, don't worry it should be such a happy time!