April 2, 2008

Decisions, decisions

So finally, after months of little progress on our wedding planning we are officially moving forward! It is so exciting to have decisions made because it means I can finally start working on some of the smaller (dare I say) more exciting elements! On to what we have done, Most of you know that we were initially looking in the Chicago area, specifically A New Leaf, to host our wedding. Well after a little more research and a visit with an old friend I stumbled across a place in Holland. Yes, you heard me right, Holland. The space was almost everything I was looking for, the food looks amazing, and there is a lot included in the cost which will leave money for other details I had wanted. Having the reception in Holland also means I get to keep my dream of having the ceremony on the beach :)

I introduce, Till Midnight:

The restaurant and banquet center are located in the old Baker Furniture Building. I thought that was also pretty fitting considering I am an interior designer and LOVE furniture :)

( I love the exposed ceiling and brick)

We are renting out the entire banquet hall including the outdoor space. This includes tables, chairs, linens, and centerpieces (vases). I'm not sure if we will use some of the linens they provide because they don't match the color scheme but we will for sure use the white ones. I'm also not sure about the centerpieces but it all depends on what I decide to do for the tables. Either way they will be great to have around the cocktail area and outside for added light.

Another decision we made was finally setting our date. July 18, 2009

We had originally wanted a June date (June 20, 2009) but unfortunately the photographer we wanted was booked then.

The photographer we booked is Amy Carroll. She does amazing work and comes highly recommended. Check out her blog and website for examples of her work.

Now we have my side of the family looking for waterfront locations where we can have the ceremony!

Things are finally moving forward and I am so excited!


Vineyard Vogue said...

Beautiful! I'm so happy you found something you love :) And, I'm sure your Mom is ecstatic!!

PS-When you get my VM, let me know your thoughts on the weekend :) Do we have to postpone again? :(

jessica lynn said...

it sounds like you have a great photographer! aletha at pearls events highly recommends her! yay!

aletha @ pearls events said...

Till Midnight looks awesome! And as you know, Amy rocks :)

A Windy City Wedding said...

I love it! And so unique and you will probably save a bundle by avoiding the whole Chicago site.

Magnolias & Juleps said...

Congrats on moving forward with your wedding plans! The venue looks beautiful!!!