March 11, 2008

Off we go!

I will apologize ahead of time for the lack of post the rest of this week and weekend. D & I are heading down to Chicago on Thursday to attend the Chicago History Museum's Bridal Show. They are featuring Blue Plate Catering who, if we decide to hold the wedding in Chicago, is the top runner for caterers. While down there I will be staying with a friend and I am soo excited to see her again!

The debate over location:

1.) We are heading to Cali this summer and will be planning a majority of the wedding from there so we needed to have it somewhere easily accessible to us.
2.) My parents really want it in my hometown, which I am in love with, but it doesn't offer us what we had pictured in a wedding
3.) We pretty much have it narrowed down to 2 (ok, as of yesterday it may have went up to 3) locations. Chicago, Traverse City, Bay Harbor
4.) I am fairly untraditional in a Bridal Sense. I want something unique & original and also something that is completely D & I.
5.) I do not want my ceremony in a church. Ever since I started dreaming about a wedding I have wanted my ceremony on the waterfront.

Here are the finalists for location:

Chicago: A New Leaf

This space has that Loft/ Urban feel that we love & it is located in Chicago which is my favorite city. It also satisfies my need as a hub (in terms of airports) which allows everyone easy access to the ceremony and reception(including the bride and groom) as well as an easy way to get to the Honeymoon. I love the exposed brick. Another plus is ten tables & chairs are included in the cost, the florist the owns it does amazing floral arrangements so we wouldn't have to worry about that and they can do a candle treatment which is beautiful (and less work for us!)

next:Traverse City: Crooked Creek Ranch

The ranch is beautiful, it is set in the middle of vineyards and right on the water. It has a large barn for the event space and enough space on the property to host the ceremony on the lawn or down by the water. Downside, it is twice as much as the Chicago location and you get both locations for the same amount of time. Like Chicago it would allow all of our guests to be able to come for the whole weekend and do outings, explore the town, and really spend time enjoying family and friends during this once in a lifetime experience for us. Another downside, its a little more country than we are. I know I could make it my own but if it starts out twice as more expensive will have the money to "make it our own"?

third: The Inn at Bay Harbor (up at Boyne Highlands Ski Resort)

My dad called me last night and told me about this place. I love the feel of it & it is right on the water which is awesome. I don't know any pricing yet but hopefully I will be getting that today or tomorrow. The cobblestone streets are pretty too. I haven't been able to do as much research on this one yet but the setting is pretty. The downside, it will be a lot harder to access for D & myself if we fly over here for a weekend of planning. It will also take place during peak travel season so Im sure the golf course on the waterfront will be in use meaning a lot of people we really don't want around will be "intruding" (not literally, but when you want an intimate affair it will seem like it).

So any thoughts??


Tara said...

i am a little partial to A New Leaf myself! :)

good luck on deciding on your venue!

jessica lynn said...

what great options you have! after reading what you said and your thoughts I think that A New Leaf or the Inn at Bay Harbor. The Inn at Bay Harbor is breathtaking! I hope the prices arent too high!!

emily rose said...

I like options 1 and 3. I love the Chicago idea, which you know.. but the Inn at Bay Harbor looks beeeautiful! If you don't use it, I might keep it in the back of my mind for when the time comes :)

I also came across this and thought you might like it!! I figured they could be used as a rehearsal dinner invite or something along those lines..

PS-the link you sent me in your last comment wouldn't work :(

aletha @ pearls events said...

Ooh goodness, you cannot go wrong with any of these!

tina said...

Let me know if you select ANL. I'll send you all of my catering contacts and the hotel info for across the street. It will save you some time.

Also, if you get married in Michigan, I'd recommend the photog that my friend used, He's funny and did great work. He took some of the pink and brown photos on my blog.

A Windy City Wedding said...

OOOh i like all of them! Hard to pick but I love Chicago and ANL.