February 21, 2009

the downfall.

Today I witnessed a sight that truly disgusted me. A mother, her two children (approximately 6yrs old, both of them) and their grandmother got the light rail. I got up so the two little kids could sit down. The mom was trying to get situated and find a spot to put her gigantic two person stroller and the grandmother was just, chilling. (no really, you couldn't describe it any other way.) The little boy started to run down the aisle of the light rail and then turned around to run back. Just as he did this the light rail started moving again. The force pulled the boy and made him crash into his sister. His sister in turn crashed her head on the arm rest from impact and immediately started screaming and crying. The mother went over to comfort the little girl (and scold the boy). As this was happening the huge stroller started rolling forward towards the chilling grandmother. The guy across the aisle grabbed it to stop it so it wouldn't hit the grandmother. One would think (as I did) that this was really nice. Not the grandmother. She started screaming at the guy telling him that she had it and that when he stopped it it almost "sliced her finger off". Remember, this is the same women who, as all of the madness with her daughter and grand children was unfolding, just chilled. She continued to yell at the guy for what seemed like 5 minutes. He tried to explain to her that he had been trying to help and hadn't waned it to hit her but she wanted nothing to do with his explanation.

I could not believe it. No wonder the good Samaritan act has been overturned. It saddened me to realize (and view first hand) what the world has come to. I looked at the women and told her she needed to relax and chill out and then got off the train. (while mumbling and thinking to myself how horrible people can be).

Well I am off to the studio once again to work. I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather out here (or the new snow, in michigan).

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