February 24, 2009

just an update.

I have started to replace sleep with caffine. Not good.

We got new fish! And a frog, named swarley. He is sweet and provides great distraction. We also got four bloodfin tetra's, four zebra tetras, and bottom feeder who has some darker stripes, and two little red guys. Dan thinks if we have a lot of them, I can't get attached to only one. I think he fears another "Moe" episode. what he doesn't remember is that Moe started out with a group of fish and then killed them all.... yep, this was the fish I cried over when he died. He was cool though, really.

I presented our project for my studio class today. It was the preliminary presentation but I'm pretty sure my nerves thought it was the final. We ended up rocking it out and did an amazing job. We even got pulled aside by the director of the Masters of Architecture program at the end to tell us how good our presentation was. You can't even understand how amazing that is. That guy is tough (but in a good way).

I got my dress from j.crew today. I love it! It has pockets! It also has buttons down the back (real ones, not those fake crap ones.) and a very pretty neckline :) I am posting my other one up for sale tomorrow. If anyone needs/ wants a designer dress for cheap, let me know!

Well I have to now go and work on my 651 project (the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco by Renzo Piano) and download autocad and fusion for my computer(so I can get work done at home this weekend)

My brother flys out here Thursday for his spring break/ birthday! I am excited to have someone come visit us and I can't wait to show him the city and be a tourist. We are going on a movie tour on Friday, Alcatraz on Saturday and the Cal Academy of Science on Sunday. It should be an action packed weekend but I can't wait.

Have a great weekend & happy fat Tuesday!

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Vineyard Vogue said...

Sounds like you're a busy girl! But, I already knew that, hehe.. we have that in common! Well, I hope you're having a wonderful time with your brother! Call my if you have some down time Sunday night!