December 26, 2008

Holly, jolly

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas yesterday! D and I had a great day filled with virtual family, gifts, good food, board games, and movies :)

You may have noticed the term "virtual family". Being on the West Coast this year and planning a wedding has made flying home very difficult. We decided instead to use our Mac's and ichat's to open presents and see family via the internet this Christmas. Although it wasn't the same as getting to be there, it was still just as special to be able to see everyone and talk to everyone over the Holiday.

I am heading out to pick up Amy Butler's "In Stiches" book and then to J.Crew to return a headband and check out their final sale. after that I will be back with a few pictures of Christmas gift, pictures of our save the dates, some of the presents we gave this year and a few sewing projects I have been working on.

Best wishes,

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Kate said...

What a clever way to be together!