March 10, 2009

Spring break

A list of things I would like to be able to do over spring break:
- work out
- tan(or atleast lay by the pool)
- read my book for class
- read a book not related to class
- sew the ring pillow and gifts for the three little ones in the wedding
- get daniels outfit bought
- find myself or make myself a veil
- register!
- create a list of everything we still need to order for the wedding
- list my dress on craigslist and once wed
- find a day of coordinator who won't make us go broke

I really don't think a week is enough time.
On another note, I would totally forget all of this if I could travel someplace warm.(boo for Daniel leaving a day before I could leave, I just may come down be myself!)

Miss you all! I promise I will return the phone calls and emails as soon as this week is over :)

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