April 3, 2009

image inspiration

Just some of the pictures I have been saving lately.
Love the hand painted wooden sign. I want one of these at the end of the driveway. (Dad? :) )
The following images are from a wedding of an employee of Purl Soho (a fabric store in NY). I am already creating our fabric for our cake table at the reception and refreshment table at the ceremony.
Each table has a different pattern napkin in the weddings colors of orange and green. This fabric corresponded to the seating card for each guest.

Up close shot of the napkins. also, notice the glass magnet with the initial. These were used to distinguish what food the guest had requested. We have been asked to do this by Till Midnight as well and I plan on making these as well. I am going to use three different background colors (green, navy, and a polka dot) that will correspond to the guests food choice.
These are the seating cards that were made to correspond to the napkin at the guests table. I am going to do something with this idea in mind.
As most know, I love ribbon. I would love to have navy, white, and green grosgrain ribbon hanging from the tree next to where all of us will stand during the ceremony.
Flip flops were offered at the reception for guests. As much as I love the idea I feel it is a tad bit overdone.
Babys breath in galvanized (not black, as pictures here) tubs could flank Dan and I. We aren't going to have any sort of arch so this would help delineate where we stand.
I love the flower petals pre-lining the edge of the isle way. I think it would help create an isle way considering we aren't going to be using a runner.

Luminaries lighting up the path. I think these would be really pretty both lining the driveway to the ceremony as well as the sidewalk leading into the reception. They were made using white lunch bags and a decorative paper punch for along the top.

Bathroom bins from the MacBeth collection. I love these small tins, we don't have much counter space in the restrooms so this size would be perfect.
And finally our invites. This is the back of the invite (notice the Eames stamps? Love them!)

And here is the front! The picture was taken at the Grand (old theatre) in Grand haven right across from where Dan and I met at Porto bellos!

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Vineyard Vogue said...

Love the invites! :) And, I love the rest of these images and ideas! Lance and I are using a hand-painted, wooden sign too! Great minds think alike!