April 23, 2009

What a week

The Ugly:

Till Midnight, our reception location, closed. We found out on Saturday, two days before they closed their doors

We only have two more weeks of classes. EKKK. I have about four weeks of work to fit into the next two weeks. (wish me luck)

The Good:

We are now booked at Boatwerks Restaurant for our reception. I am actually happier so far with this turn of events. The statement," God doesn't close a door without opening a window somewhere else" couldn't ring more true.

We only have two more weeks of classes! ( haha this is good AND bad!)

We started looking at honeymoon location possibilities. :)
I got a napkin made and will be shipping off my fabric tomorrow. A wonderful women at West Ottawa (The home ec/ interior design teacher) offered to make them all for me. Such a relief!

Daniel cut out all of our envelope liners today AND glued them to the envelopes! I love him :)

Now I just need to create that list of things to order so we can start ordering things!

I need to get my dress sized! and find a veil! and find shoes for the girls! and get Daniel's outfit squared away.

It seems like the list never ends... Unfortunately it will have to wait two weeks until I have a few spare moments to breath.

Have a good end of April/ Beginning of May!

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