October 4, 2008

save the dates!

so the past couple of weeks D & I have been working on our save the dates and invitations. I don't know why they have taken us so long (it's been approximately a month since I had initially wanted to get them out, opps.). I think in part, it is because they just never feel "done" to me. There is still something off about them right now and I just can't figure out what it is. My goal is to finish them today and send them off to be printed. That way we can get them back, address them and send them on their way. 

It is driving me crazy that I don't know what to do to put that finishing touch on them and be completely happy with them. The front is perfect and I am beyond happy about it but the back still doesn't feel right.  I have a feeling the reason I am not happy with the back is because it corresponds with the invitations we have pretty much decided on. You see, the thing is that I'm not all that sure I even like the invitations. It feels like I am settling...

The reason we decided on the invitations we did is primarily the price.... I had (and still do) wanted to do letterpress. I know how ridiculously expensive letterpress can be and I just couldn't succumb to paying so much money for something that most people will look at a few times and then throw away. I had initially played with the idea of doing them myself. A friend at work did all of her invites herself and they turned out beautiful.Luckily there is a studio right down the road from me that you can take classes at and then reserve studio time to make them. The downside, even doing it that way (aka the "cheap" way) was still going to cost me $450.00 for the classes plus the materials to make them. The invitation we are looking at will be done for us (found her on etsy.) for approx. $300.00 for 100 invites. 

Do you see my dilemma??

So, on to what I always do in these situations, the good-ol pro/con list

Pro's: Great skill to have & can be used in the future(X-Mas cards, birthdays, etc.), look professional, can be completely personal to D & I
Con's: Time consuming, will cost about twice as much as the Etsy invites.

Etsy invites:
Pro's: cheap, I don't have to do them, not much thought required, D likes them ( I think it's more because of the cost though than anything)
Con's: un-creative (in my mind), not as personal/ special as the letterpress ones

So I guess my battle is between the cost & sentimental aspects of them..... Do I spend a little more money on them and be happier with the results or save the money (cough, saving for a house payment, cough) and just say whatever they look alright.

did anyone else have a hard time deciding on what they wanted for their invitations? Am I just being controlling, wanting everything perfect? Do guests actually care what the invites look like?

I have a feeling the cost will win in the end but any suggestions/ opinions would be much appreciated!

Next up, band vs. d.j. ??


Virginia Wed said...

I had a very similar dilemma....until I found a reasonable letterpress company.

Kristin at Ravens Press does GREAT work and has reasonable prices. I'm looking at 85 invites for about $400 and that's with reception cards, envelope liners, etc. Check out her site and email her for pricing. She might be able to work within your budget. e


Email me at virginiawed@gmail.com if you want more details on my project. Happy to share.

Good luck!!

Jack + Diane said...

I just started reading your blog and I love it! Your taste is great and your ideas are fun to read. Have fun planning! I, too, am planning but in all sorts of directions because we're not getting married until 2011. I look forward to reading your plans. have fun! and congratulations!