September 24, 2008

Work, work, work ...I will post soon

Davidandelizabeth: may I be invited to read your blog?? 

These past two weeks have been crazy. sorry about not updating sooner I just haven't had any time. last weekend d had off all weekend so we went out and explored most of the weekend. We found a great employee owned grocery store semi-close to us (close enough to go occasionally but definitely not close enough for a forgotten item or two). It was amazing and almost everything they had could be bought unpackaged which is soo much better for the environment and for your purse!

This week at work was hectic. Well the beginning of the week was anyways. we had a DD presentation in San Antonio that ended up getting changed around only 30 min prior to deadline. after that was finished things died down pretty well though. 

This weekend is our company picnic which should be a ton of fun. We are getting it catered and will be having paella made right there, which should be delicious!

One very exciting thing to happen this week, I got my sewing machine!! D ordered one for me about 2 weeks ago and I just got it on wednesday. Needless to say I have been playing around with it every night after work & can't wait to see all of the things I can make with it!

As for the wedding, this weekend our goal is to get out the save the dates. We were supposed to get them out forever ago but decided to wait so we could make them work with our invitations. I hope they turn out well! I will post some pictures as soon as everyone ha received there. I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Now onto some fun. My fall wish list :) It has definitely been a change not seeing leaves change this year. i have been craving cider and pumpkin bars all the time! So until I can see some fall weather I will live vicariously through all of the adorable fall fashions.
 J.crew merino rose cardiganJ.crew dream soho dress
 J.crew: this whole outfit, please.(ok, no tie, but everything else)
J.crew: Ok this whole outfit too

Can you tell all I want to do is go shopping???

Ok well D & I are going to go out and get thai food tonight!! (seriously, one of my favorites right now is red curry mmmmm)

Update:: so the company picnic went really well! Tiburon is such a cute, quant little town. We took the ferry over and sat and watched the sailboats pass under the golden gate bridge for a while, browsed the shops and then headed over to the picnic. It was great to get to interact with everyone outside of work. D & I dominated bridie & her hubby in bocce ball (I think it was simply beginners luck haha)and the paella was made on site which was awesome (and delicious). After the picnic we headed down to Birite ice cream shop with bridie & tom which was quite the wait but definitely good! i got the balsamic strawberry yumm. 

D & I plan on relaxing a bit tonight & possibly going for a walk in a little bit  tomorrow is still up in the air. maybe rock climbing?? well see. Have a great rest of the weekend!!

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Vineyard Vogue said...

Sounds like you two are having such a wonderful time! I miss you very much though!! I got your note :) Check your mailbox this week!