September 14, 2008


Who else thinks this weekend flew by? I don't know where all of the time went.

Today D and I went out exploring the city once again. We went and had some fun at Sunday Streets, went and watched the Rolex Regatta, headed down to the sports basement & paper source and then finally finished with dinner in Little Italy. D is pretty much exhausted & came home and crashed on the bed. I, on the other hand, still have cookies to make so I can't quite stop yet.

For some wedding related news, I know all of you remember Stacey Kane's infamous preppy lobster wedding & these amazing boutonnieres the guys wore, right??
This was the first wedding related article I saved after getting engaged. When I showed D he obviously loved it as well. He was born & raised in Maine so the east coast preppy/lobster theme really hit a chord. Image my surprise when 7 months later he brings up the fact that he really wants to do the rope boutonni√®res from that image I showed him months back. We headed out the next day to REI and stumbled across climbing rope. It may not actually be for sailing but the navy color is a perfect pop against the grooms mens white shirts so we went for it. We were able to get 20 feet of rope for $10.00 and we had all of them made within the next week.  It really only took about an hour total to make all 10 & with the low price tag if we do stumble across a better color combination for the rope we really wont be out any time or money.

I also think I have finally decided on the bridesmaid dresses. I am still waiting on J.Crew to email me back and send me a sample of the deep atlantic but if it is close to their classic navy color these are what I am thinking:
What do you think??

Now if only I could find some adorable shoes there weren't $250.00. I guess I will just have to search a bit harder and check out sites other than just J.Crew.

I really need to get going on my own dress search soon. D & I walked by the dress place I went to when Steph came to visit and there was a beautiful one in the window. I may have to stop back in and try it on.

Well I am off to make some cookies for D. Have a great end of the weekend!

always, kate


aletha :: pearls events said...

Adorable dress! Nice choice.

aletha :: pearls events said...
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EVF said...

We did rope boutenierres (sp?) too!! They turned out great!

AEO said...

Love the navy dress from JCrew. I was so happy we chose to use dresses from there as well. GL with the shoe hunt. I couldn't deal with it, so I let my girls choose their own gold shoes. Honestly, you can barely tell in the pics that they aren't all the same. What color are you thinking?

Love the bouts as well. Are the guys wearing navy blazers or just white shirts? It'll look very clean and crisp!

Kate said...

Love that dress~!