October 9, 2008

posting... on a Thursday?! yep!

I know, crazy right? D is working tonight so I have all of this time to myself. I'm currently watching survivor (does anyone else think it the best reality show ever? I want to be on it soooo bad) and after I plan on making D a new pillow case! Have I mentioned that I love my new sewing machine! I have found my creative hobby thats for sure!

As for the wedding, I will be heading to Holland Nov. 20th to get a few things done and see my family. Unfortunately they can't make it out here for Christmas (I'm completely bummed)  so I decided I minds well head back for the weekend and hit two birds with one stone. D and I will need to decide on flowers, music & have a meeting at the reception location. I also plan on getting fitted that weekend and hopefully (crossing my fingers) will find a dress! 

Now for some pretty veil photos compliments of the knot.com!

I'm not sure what type of veil I want to wear or if I even want to wear one. I am really like the birdcage veil but I also like the more traditional veil worn below the up-do and shoulder to elbow length. 

Happy Thursday!

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Vineyard Vogue said...

Love the birdcage look.. but maybe something more flowy for on the water? Either way, you'll look fabulous!

Love you, miss you!