January 23, 2009


I haven't made as much progress on my overhaul as I had hoped but I'm still working on it. With everything surrounding Grad school this past week has been a bit all over the place. 

My grandpa was admitted to the hospital last night. He has had leukemia for quite a while now and is currently in remission. Unfortunately it has brought with it some devastating side effects. My grandpa was always healthy as a horse, as they like to say. When he got hit with all of this it pretty much turned his life upside down. It has been really hard to watch. My parents have taken on the job of caring for him and my grandmother and it definitely hasn't been an easy ride. I admire them both so much for everything they have been doing for them. With 5 kids in the family (my mom's brothers and sisters) you would think others would be able and willing to help but unfortunately that has not been the case for most of them. Thus, almost everything has been left on my parents shoulders. Mom and dad; I think you guys are amazing and everything you do is appreciated. Even on the days it may feel like it isn't.  Over the past few years I have become very close to my grandparents. As I have grown up I have realized just how important they are to me. I can only hope my grandpa can come home from the hospital soon. Please keep him in your prayers.

I have to go today and find my books for classes and get my id picture taken. Then I have to finish a sewing project. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Pretty pictures to end the post;
I love the boat! and her hair! I am bringing a few photos from this wedding home with me in hopes of a hair trial.

I love the reflection. I hope we can get a few photos like this on the water.


Juice said...

I'm sorry you feel that no one helps. I know I try when I can, Jaime when she's free from teaching and Reegan, and I certainly know my mom has been there every time possible. It's hard to juggle but I hope you can understand that there are people out there trying to assist everyone. But I certainly appreciate everyone's efforts because we all love grandpa and grandma.

Jaime Cook said...
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