September 6, 2008

What a week!

This past week has been pure craziness! As I mentioned before, Tuesday night I headed out to AZ for work. It was three jam packed days of long hours and hard work but it was definitely worth it. It is amazing to see a project come together that has been in the works for two years. It was also fun to see AZ. ( Although I'm happy to say, I do not like that much heat, holy cow!) On the down side, the 12-16 hour days left absolutely no time to actually see anything but the resort and project, including Kendra. I am extremely upset the way things worked out with that but I am even more determined now to get back down there to visit her.

As you probably guessed, with all of the work I have had NO time to even think about wedding stuff. I will definitely be getting back to that this week though!

Is anyone else as excited as I am for this Presidential Election?? I cannot wait for the debates, it will definitely be interesting! Politics are a tough thing to discuss with all of the varying views out there. There is one thing I absolutely cannot stand though about politics, People who are "republicans" or "democrats" but don't actually look at each and every issue as hand. I personally feel the biggest mistake most people make in this country is siding with a party and not looking at all of the issues. I think everyone should vote on each of the issues independently and shouldn't be allowed to vote straight ticket. I personally don't align myself with one party or the other. there are some issues I am 100% democratic about and other that I am 100% republican about. Take for example the environment, I completely agree with the democratic view. I do not agree with drilling in Alaska. I personally found the VP pick of McCain to be a great strategic pick on his part but I do not agree with it or support it at all. That leads me to me next big pet peeve with Politics. I personally love the idea of a women in the white house. I am no saying I believe we are ready for one or not but I can't stand people who are all for Palin (or Hillary in that case) simply because she is a women. (Or Barack simply because he is half African American.) It all leads back to the same issue of voters needing to vote based on the issues and not on the gender, skin color, or party affiliation of themselves or the candidates. So please, no matter what your personal beliefs are or who you are routing for, please vote based on the issue at hand and not on the runners party affiliation, race, or gender. 

Ok enough of the political banter. I will leave you with a few pretty pictures I cam across today

How cute are the mini bride & grooms??not my taste but still adorable! 
I love the pop of color against the white gown. Still need to decide between an all white bouquet or a nice pop of color. 
I am in love with this image. I can't remember where I found it so if it is yours let me know. I am loving the shots from above lately

On a side note: Any San Francisco Bloggers out there?? Let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I think D & I are headed to the beach tomorrow to relax :)


Kate said...

I love those cupcakes. How cute!

suburban prep said...

There is a wonderful blog I know of that is written by a woman based in San Francisco. It is called