August 29, 2008

This past week has been absolutely crazy. Last weekend as i mentioned, S & her boyfriend Chris came out to visit. It was so much fun and so good to her again! I think we just about killed them with all of the walking we did! We definitely got to see a lot and it was fun to be a "tourist" in our own city.  In wedding related news, this weekend I found a dress I loved! I am still waiting on the pictures to see how it reads in those but it fit wonderfully and will hopefully fit even better in a few months :) I wish I could post pictures on here but D checks in every once in a while so I can't on his request :)

After they left d & i pretty much crashed in order to get some sleep and get back into work mode. Work was crazy this week., we had a huge deadline for a project which meant coming in early and staying late pretty much every day. At least we get today off  (our last free Friday of the summer) and Monday for the Holiday! 

This weekend will be spent with D just hanging out. It is his birthday coming up so Today we are just going to walk around and see some more of the area around us. Tomorrow I have to bake him his cake and get ready for the events planned for Sunday :). And Sunday well, it will be spent celebrating.

Nothing new is going on for wedding planning right now. With the crazy week last week and the even crazier one coming up I just want a weekend to relax and spend with D. Next week I get to go on my first business related trip to Arizona! I am excited about the trip but not about the weather, 102 degrees and sunny every day I am there. I am not a heat person, hence why I love living in a city that has an average temp of about 65-70 every day.

I did however make a list of all of the things we still need to do for the weekend. It looks daunting yet do-able so we will start cracking down on that in a week or so hopefully.

In bad news my beloved fish, Moe, died this week. It was so sad, Moe wasn't your ordinary fish, he was a South African chinchilad (sp) and I had had him for 3.5 years! Up until about a year ago I had thought he was just your average goldfish who happened to get pretty big. Not the case though! He had such a great personality, he loved decorating his tank (a fish after my own heart) and would move the stones  and plants around weekly. He also always came up to the tank glass whenever I came home to tell me about the adventures of his day (or so I liked to believe). When your apartment complex (and fiance) won't let you have a dog you do what you have to do, and Moe was the answer.

Anyways, we are off, I hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend!

Oh and if anyone has any recommendations for good D.J.'s or bands in the West Michigan area let me know!


Juice said...

Dance Trax - we know the owners ;)

Kate said...

My sister and I had a fish like that in our apt last year. He survived three moves and was such a character. I miss him. At least our fish are together in pet heaven ;)

MMM said...

So sorry about Moe. My roommates and I had a fish like that.