February 25, 2008

A New Leaf

Here is one of the places we are looking at for our reception site. We are trying to find a place that is easily accessible for everyone and also encompasses D & I's love of big cities, water, and nature. We also knew we wanted to do a destination wedding, Destination in the sense that we wanted a smaller, casual family affair where everyone could relax and enjoy themselves and each other while they are there. It has been so hard to find something that has everything we want (I truthfully don't think it exist...) but from pictures I think it is pretty close. It has the exposed brick which is my signature element in almost all of my designs and it also seems like it is a blank slate that I can put my stamp on and make it truly D & I. We won’t know for sure until we go visit in a couple of week. What do you think??

Leave some feedback for me :)


Chitown Bride said...

it is absolutely a gorgeous site...totally one of the gems of Chicago.

Tara said...

it is a beautiful site! but i am partial as it is where my wedding will be! :)

good luck in your venue search!