November 12, 2008

I'm back!

and I have some very exciting news soon! I will hopefully be able to post about it by the end of this week!

In wedding news: I'm heading home in just over a week to do some much needed wedding work (and see my family again!). I have A LOT planned and I just know I won't be able to get it all in. I have a consultation with a florist, a meeting at the reception site to go over a few questions, get some measurement, and take a few more pictures and dinner with the friends of the family and owners of the home where we will be having the ceremony! In between all of that I plan on looking for a dress, getting some coffee at my favorite coffee place, drinks at the local brewery with friends, and checking out the local fabric store for table runner materials (and possibly some cozie, belt, and bag material as well!)

It's crazy but I am soo excited today. D and I were talking about careers and the future and I think I may have figured out what I want to do in terms of career (long term, that is). I will have more on this in the future as well!

Unfortunately because I haven't been visiting any blogs in the past week I don't have any pretty pictures to share but I will soon!

Until then here is a picture of what I have been up to lately! :)


Vineyard Vogue said...

And, you'll be seeing meeee!! :) I'm so excited to hang out next weekend and do wedding stuff! I will be heading to Portage/Kalamazoo Friday after work so will be ready to meet up anytime on Saturday! Can't wait!

Kate said...

Glad everything is going well!

Monogramchick said...

Hurray! I just ordered some :)